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Difficult access made easy. We provide comprehensive rope access services and solutions for a wide variety of difficult or complex access situations. From work at height on vertical structures to confined space inspections, we have the rope access solutions for you.

Our highly skilled and certified Rope Access technicians can carry out a variety of rope access servicesincluding:        Surveys, inspections, installations, painting, cleaning, maintenance, repair, and rescue services indifficult to reach areas such as high-rise buildings, bridges, dams, towers, cranes, wind turbines, hydro penstocks andother confined spaces.

Our range of services can be used for wide range of industries, Offshore industry, Non-residential building, Monumental preservation, High-rise buildings, Road Signs, At Mines and Warehouses

Most popular services we offer:

Maintenance and Repairs

Our technicians come from a wide variety of industries and trades, have highly diversified skill sets and are proficient in a variety of work methods, tools and equipment.

We can provide skilled trades people to carry out nearly any task at height.

Services Include…

  • Highrise vent cleaning
  • Highrise glazing
  • Window Washing
  • Building Maintenance
  • Caulking and painting
  • Scaling operations
  • Rock mesh and rock bolting
  • Pressure washing and window cleaning
  • Installing lighting conductors.
  • Fall protection anchors
  • Installing communications equipment
  • Installing sensors and instruments
  • Welding and Steel Repair
  • Concrete Repair

Fall Arrest and Safety Systems

If you are looking for a complete fall arrest service, look no further.  Our team will travel to your site, install the fall protection equipment according to manufacturer’s specification and provide any necessary training for the use, operation and maintenance of your fall protection system.  Our team will comply with all required OSHA regulations while installing the safety equipment.

After the installation is complete we will provide you with an installation certificate.  The installation team will also provide any necessary training for the use, operation and maintenance of your fall protection equipment.


Window Cleaning

With a highly responsive and mobile team Total Access Africa provides professional window cleaning services to hotel, construction, retail and property management industries throughout all African countries. Servicing both low and high rise buildings there is no job considered too big or too small and our attention to detail is second to none.

Facade Cleaning

Are your buildings facades looking dirty?

While Facade cleaning works are common, often facade cleaning is overlooked.Just like the windows, pollution such as carbon and salts build up on the rest ofthe buildings surfaces.We offer High and low pressure wash to clean buildingfacade.

Signage Installation / Maintenance

Installation and Maintenance: Let Total Access Africa specialised technicians install, remove or maintain your assets advertising space. Whether it is the maintenance of large scale neon signs, LED, or the installation/ removal of small scale banners, our specialised industrial abseiling techniques make us more costeffective than other conventional means of access.

Warehouse Cleaning

With a highly responsive and mobile team Total Access Africa provides professional warehouse cleaning services to companies or industries throughout African countries. Servicing all previously inaccessible areas by scaffolding, ladders, cherry pickers etc.With our Rope Access Team.


Silo Maintenance

In order to expand the life of any silo, regular maintenance and cleaning of these structures are required. Total Access Africa has experience in a variety of silo’s – concrete, steel, stainless steel and has mastered the skill of effectively cleaning ,repairing and painting these expensive assets for Africa.


Signage Installation / Maintenance

Are your buildings facades looking old?

We offer specialized Rope access painting. Our technicians are certified paint applicators Our company safety procedures ensure the use of rope access painting on buildings and structures is done safely, quickly and effectively, lowering the project cost.



Critical infrastructure is heavily relied upon and it must perform its intended function. Regular detailed inspections are the best way to ensure the asset remains reliable and not a liability. Our top-notch technicians can get within arm’s reach of nearly any your structure to collect relevant, useful data to help you make an informed decision.


Silo Maintenance

At RF Maintenance Services we have the commitment to design together with the client a scope of work (SOW) and a customized working plan, which guarantees total quality of our work and your satisfaction, as client.


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